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David Turner

Seminar and Keynote Speaker, Thought Leadership, One on One, Specialised Retreats

From a member of a close reconnaissance team on peacekeeping operations in East Timor to working in the Big 4, David’s life’s goal over 25 years has always been to experience many organisations and environments, and the result is a deep dive under the hood to show us what makes people, leaders, and large to small businesses tick and why.

David’s real stories from experience take you on a journey for consistant improvement.

Over the past 10 years David has been much in demand as a keynote speaker for leadership and risk management conferences and events, and trainer and lecturer for universities and educational institutions.

He then decided to take another four years to further explore what leadership and risk management really means, and now he wants to share this with you.
Throughout his career David has worked with over 100 entities and hundreds of leaders and managers. He has made his own mistakes along the way, however these also added great value to his wealth of experience.

Do you want to know how true leaders lead ... ?

And in the face of crisis?






David lives a fortunate life learning about people, and learning first-hand what makes businesses succeed

"Thank you for making risk management simple!" 


“An enjoyable, funny, and fantastic learning experience thank you David”

- Education Department Western Australia

"A great session about human behaviour and risk thank you!"

- Rio Tinto

"Great job David, really enjoyed the very enlightening talk its extremely relevant to our business and what we need to move forward"

- Sword Active Risk Conference Australia

‘Positive key habits and changes can be easy. The art of real thinking, and the skill of understanding the psychology of managers and leaders, these are the success factors to real improvement’

A Little on Risk

  • Let’s get inside the head of how leadership works and learn how true leaders lead in crisis.

  • Are you familiar with the keys to resilience?

  • Do you understand the most crucial aspects of risk management?

  • Are you aware of the hidden risks and can you identify them?

  • Would knowing how to keep staff motivated help your business?

  • Let your good habits enable success, let the art of thinking, and the art of organisational psychology enable successful businesses outcomes

Everyone should have the opportunity for real improvement, thats why David also presents for
Schools, Small Business Networks and Clubs.