David Turner

Seminar and Keynote Speaker, Thought Leadership, One on One, Specialised Retreats

David’s experience comes from specialised military operations to working with hundreds of leaders and managers in both small and large public and private sectors internationally, and learning and understanding human behaviour in pressurised and demanding business environments. David’s life influencers and mentors have included; Sir Edmund Hillary, General Gosgrove, Graeme Dingle, and varied business, political and industry leaders.

From his first role leading a school crossing guard team at the age of 8, David has kept a passion and keen interest of what makes leadership work and how it can always be improved. He became a chef when he left school and went on to driving commercial tractors in England, working on a Kibbutz and building bomb shelters in Israel, and a team member and leader within an Australian Army reconnaissance team which deployed to war torn East Timor in 1999. He later led business teams in Australia and New Zealand across many different industries, cultures and political parties. Then David built his own company where he practised and trialled varied leadership methods and styles to further assess and learn what makes leadership work. 

David’s experience includes advising and working with private and government sectors within Australia and New Zealand: BHPB, Multiplex, Deloitte, KPMG, Chubb Australasia, PwC, Jims Group, Woodside, Rio Tinto, The, Bethany Aged Care, Transdev Australasia, the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG - Global), and Government such as - Defence, Police, Ministry of Justice, Liberal Party of WA, CHOGM 2011.
David has spoken across 30 events including; conferences, workshops and guest appearances on radio, Ch7, Ch9, Ch10, and Australian radio stations, as well as guest speaking on global webinars.

Qualifications and memberships;

  • Masters of Business Law – (People and Governance focus)

  • Diplomas; Risk Management, Management, Security, Marketing, Health & Safety

  • Organisational Psychology research (within all studies)

  • Board Member Risk NZ (Vice Chair)

  • Saxton Speakers Australia

  • GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group - global consultants)

  • Institute of Company Directors Australia (past membership)

  • Liberal Party of Western Australia
    (Ex Vice President Hasluck Division)

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