Business Consultancy - Critical Point Assessments

Consultancy which

adds real value

when you

need it the most


Projects, BAU, Start-ups, Expansions, Mergers

The right attention needs to be given at the start of any project or body of work to maximise success.

We are with you at the beginning to add the most value, save you money, save you time, and be there for any guidance when required.

As you begin your work we work with you to assess these crucial areas:

  • Communication: techniques, frequency, quality, content

  • Leadership: effectiveness, strength, relevancy, collaborative

  • Meetings: quality, content, value, results, group think, challenge

  • Planning and reporting: what methods you may be using or considering

  • Stress testing: how the team performs as one, how they work with networks, how pressures and disasters are handled: This is an assessment and team activity with lessons learnt and then recommendations for improvements

  • Flexibility and Emotional Intelligence assessment: looking deeper at this crucial factor to success

  • Environment: quality, warmth, access, size, connectivity, being productive

  • Security: awareness, controls, forecasting, business continuity management

  • Risk management and assurance: Knowledge, depth, quality, practice, foresight and forecasting, reporting, habit, people and team

  • Habit: good habits or poor, crucial habits for success

  • Thinking: how are your team thinking, and how do we encourage thinking

  • Drive: drive and motivation of the team

  • Value: your points of difference

  • Your advantages: what you can build on and utilise, networks, connectivity


‘Positive key habits and changes can be easy. The art of real thinking, and the skill of understanding the psychology of managers and leaders, these are the success factors to real improvement’

Small Business

‘Maximising your
business potential’

(With a post Covid-19 focus)

Our businesses can start out strong and have a niche market, we can have avenues for revenue and good networks. But what happens when we find ourselves in tough times, and times where we need to keep revenue streams consistent?

Are you maximising your true business potential, are you leveraging networks, are you using all the advantages currently available to you including: skills, contacts, education, funding, new markets and opportunities?

Don’t wait, act now and ensure you are maximising everything you have.

We work with you to understand your true potential and help maximise your business.


We will focus on and understand (but not limited to):

Your vision: defining exactly what it is and why

  • Your fears: what you are worried about, what keeps you awake, defining and understanding

  • Your product or service: what, why, defining your market

  • Risks: current and forecast risks, issues, assumptions, understand, rate and prioritise

  • Current status: where you are now and where you need to be

  • Your networks: strength, depth, markets, and locations

  • Your contacts: who, why, where, leverage, connectivity, priority, communications planning

  • Your advantages: identify and maximise – skills, funding, education, leveraging

  • Clients and stakeholders: who they are, how these are managed, communications

  • Agile: how flexible and nimble is your business, planning, project methodologies

  • Systems and process: maximising what you have and what you need to have

  • Potential markets analysis: have you looked at everything? potential opportunities and why, barriers to access, strategy to access - extending your business footprint

Plan: working with you to plan and also measure your potential as you move forward