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Previous Events

August 2012 - Police Academy Complex WA,

‘Risk Management’

These workshops provided a vital and exciting risk experience to support the civilian
and Police Government qualifications certificate 3 and 4.


June 2012 - Shire of Kalamunda Perth

‘Risk Management and Leadership’

Risk combined with Leadership creates a powerful tool for improvement and change.
David presented an interactive and fun workshop that placed people in varied situations
within their environments.


June 2012 - Curtin University - WA

‘Risk Management in Safety’

David presented on how Risk Management can be used to manage Safety, by challenging
current trends.


September 2011 -  June 2012 – Murdoch University WA

‘Risk Management and Counter Terrorism with Human Behavior’

Keynote speaker and workshop facilitator on all aspects of terrorism external and internal to Australia.

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