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Keys to success from working with up to 100 businesses, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

From the military, government, having my own company, and working with many more, I share experiences with real examples of what I have seen work well and not so well, the signs and symptoms and the triggers we need to look out for, and what we can all learn and take away to add value and improve what we do everyday.

East Timor 99 - Stabilisation after independence

How leadership, risk management and thinking provided our small reconnaissance team the right skills to navigate many dangers and hazards, and track down Militia groups within the jungle hills and villages within the far outer regions of East Timor. Stories of courage and compassion in the face of human tragedy, and how risk and leadership can become a habit to successfully reach your goals.

Your business success

Why do some businesses not meet needed objectives? You would have seen businesses which need improving. Real improvement starts with a focus on people who are the lifeblood of a business and catalyst to its success, from emotional intelligence, leadership, risk, projects, customer service, legal awareness and future technology and security. These are the fundamentals, which can save time, money, stress, promote happiness and take you where you need to be.

Your leadership

What is real leadership? is there such a thing? I have seen the best intentions, extensive leadership training, and great potential, but why is good leadership still lacking and why are many employees unhappy? Leadership has fundamentals including; respect, vision, strong focus on people and communication, while you remain fair and honest to your self and the people around you. This is quite an ask especially in changing business environments, but you can lead well, I will share how.


How can we manage and improve our current situation to get where we need to be? It can take great strength to cope with daily life, business pressures and demands, so how do we survive, get through it, and prosper? Install the habit of never giving up in the face of adversity, have the ability to manage situations which overwhelm you, and start considering the seemingly impossible. I will share with you what I have learned from my own experience including starting a company from scratch and taking it to success with all the associated ups and downs, the demands of the military, and the skill of getting back up when you 'think' you are down.


Agile?...Waterfall,?...Hybrid? ..should we report or not?!.. Projects, what makes one work and another fail? There are many ways to lead a project but what should we focus on? People are the heart of a project, the leadership, emotions, skills, communications, and motives all determine the actual success of any project. So how do we manage and navigate these complexities? We will discuss simple and effective steps which are proven, flexible, and cater for all types of projects.

Risk management

Often we run before we can walk and this is the same with risk management, we can easily lose focus and over complicate risk management. Lets start with what risk REALLY means, how do we identify and treat risk, and why are people the key to risk management? and how do we best use this valuable resource? We will look at risk in its purest form, discuss root cause, and decrease the spin to manage risk more realistically and effectively.

Other topics

Employees and making them happy - being happy equals motivation while increasing performance. Governance - improvements we can all make, what governance really means. Strategy - why this is critical but so often underestimated and overlooked. The art of being disliked - and the benefits it can bring. Drive - what drives us and why, how we can have more. Starting a business - what it takes and how to go about it. Legal awareness - why this is crucial to your success.

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Specialised Retreats

Join me to learn and think more about self improvement, leadership, business, risk, and people within a workshop and real life scenario based getaway. We will have guest speakers armed with the knowledge to enable a valuable experience, an experience which will stay with you and transfer to your life and daily working environment.

Retreats are subject to time of year, location, and availibility of speakers, please enquire to find out more

Military & Police
Career Transitioning

Being ex-military myself, I have been through the transition from ex soldier to successfully working and prospering in varied business environments. I know how difficult it can be and what it takes to break down barriers, and how to obtain the right skill sets needed to join organisations.

I have been through the rejections and setbacks,  however successfully finding the right path to follow. 

I have a deep respect for military and police personnel and what we have all gone through and sacrificed.

We have great skills including; management, logistics, planning business and accountancy. The list goes on and we can employ these skills successfully when we present the right way, and adjust what we know to suit any given business environment. 

I have made this topic a focus, and want to help in this area to make it a little easier for our people to gain the confidence needed for a better transition.

‘Positive key habits and changes can be easy. The art of real thinking, and the skill of understanding the psychology of managers and leaders, these are the success factors to real improvement’

  • Let’s get inside the head of how leadership works and learn how true leaders lead in crisis.

  • Are you familiar with the keys to resilience?

  • Do you understand the most crucial aspects of risk management?

  • Are you aware of the hidden risks and can you identify them?

  • Would knowing how to keep staff motivated help your business?

  • Let your good habits enable success, let the art of thinking, and the art of organisational psychology enable successful businesses outcomes